When I was a little girl, my first introduction to animals was through rabbits. I remember bringing my albino rabbits up to my bedroom to play. They loved to run around, twist and turn in the air and then nudge me with their wiggly noses. I put out brown paper bags for them to hide in and chew. And they did!!!

As I grew older, my life was touched by having dogs and a few family cats. My childhood companion was a black mutt cocker spaniel named Tinker Bell. She was my guardian, my best friend and totally dedicated to me. We were earthly and spiritual partners. No matter where I went, she was there.

My adult life was broadened by my connection with birds. My first African Grey parrot named Merlin Tewillager transformed my view of animals and Nature. She made me see their incredible intelligence, sense of humor and emotional capacity. When my second Grey named Sweet Pea entered our lives, Merlin was intensely jealous. She then nicknamed Sweet Pea as "Sweet Pig!" This demonstrated her enormous intelligence and sense of humor, since she knew that calling someone a "pig" was derogatory.

Sweet Pea is one of my gems. She is loving, nurturing and doesn't pay any attention to Merle's antics. Then Kyaaro joined our bird family from the Pepperberg Lab. I don't know what I would do without the love, joy and fun that these three talkative Congo African Greys bring into my life. They are my children.


Now, my life is full circle with the addition of koi fish and the resurgence of rabbit companions. Nassie and Josie, two French Lop bunnies, have recently joined our home. They hop, twist and then we touch noses. I now understand where the term, “funny bunny,” comes from!


My animal companions have broadened my life and continue to demonstrate their intelligence, sensitivity, exuberance and unconditional love. They have taught me to see them through my heart.

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